Random Gypsies Sing Silent Songs

hola, i'm dorthee. i'm completely wrong, but always right. i find comfort in the arms of my love and the graces of my sisters.i search for happiness in all the wrong places, but somehow...somehow i manage to be alright.

DaDa making that baby feel better!
Four years ago today, I was praying for the life I have today! Three years ago today, Stephen asked me to be his girlfriend! One year ago today, I was snuggling with my one month old baby girl. Today as I watch my beautiful girl sleep, I know that God has blessed me! He has answered my prayers and given me the best family anyone could ever ask for! Thank you, Lord! #AnsweredPrayers #JopIsOne #LovingMyLife #HappyAnniversaryBoo
We had a great time at #MeetTheDevils ! Aunt Kate did an awesome job coaching her cheerleaders! They looked amazing! Ever since we’ve been home, Jop has been dancing and yelling “boo” (blue)! My girl is just like her momma! @katiejohnson0827  #jopisone #FutureAthlete #BigBelly
God speaks! I miss you, Wesley!
Like Father Like Daughter! (I don’t know why Jop’s lips are black lol) #twinsies #joplinsagerosalie #jopisone
My best friend starts kindergarten tomorrow! She’s excited, but I’m going to cry my eyes out! 😭 #parkeroliviaanne
I am excited to announce that I am now a member of the PRCLE team! I will be working as an assistant to Mrs. Le Beau’s kindergarten class! It’s going to be an awesome year! Joplin says, “Yay Blue!” #PRCLE #GoBigBlue #JopISOne
It’s never too early to start doing flash cards! #weegallery #artcards #crazyhair #jopisone @bluumkids
Where’s Joplin? There she is! #Peekaboo #jopisone #PunctuationSavesLives #MomsANerd #TeachersKid
Playing our musical instruments and watching #CenavsBrock This Monday afternoon couldn’t get any better!